Drones for Fun & Work

Drones are both fun to use & an excellent tool. Whether you use one for fun or for work there are a multitude of choices with new ones seemingly overnight. I will highlight some of the more popular and highly rated models. If you have a favorite or one you use for work, feel free to tell me about it so I can feature it here. I will also mention my favorites or ones on my Wishlist.

Drones can be a serious investment and it’s important to protect your investment. For safety, sanity, and the ultimate peace of mind. MARS Parachutes provide the systems that protect you, your aircraft, and everyone below. Fly Safe, Drone Parachutes, DGAC Approved.
MARS systems that protect people and property, all the while bringing your aircraft home with little to no damage. Mars Systems are easy to repack and use.
Crashes, damage, and liability are but a few risks drone pilots face. With changing laws and regulations an in-flight failure can destroy far more than your UAV. The answer? MARS Parachutes.

Mars Parachutes

Mars Parachutes has a full line of products to help protect your Drone. They cover from small to large with automated recovery deployment options and mounts for various Drones. Protect your Drone now! Visit my Mars Parachutes store or visit Mars Parachutes if you can’t find what you need in my store (more added regularly). If you have a special need contact me for assistance! Use the form below to contact me.

Send me your interesting stories and experiences with Drones, if you have Drone footage you want to share, feel free to send it to me and I will post it here.



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UAV - Coach

For all the skinny on Drones, the latest regulations, ground schools for the tests and a community of Drone pilots there is only one place to go. UAV-Coach They have trained more than 5600 pilots and have online courses to get your Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. Subjects they cover: Drone Pilot Ground School, Aerial Mapping & 3D Modeling, Aerial Post-Production 101, Aerial Thermal Imaging. They also cover all of the latest news.

You can also join their forum and get together with pilots from all over and share stories, learn important lessons, get tips & help with problems. You can also research info on different model Drones so you can make an educated decision on which one to buy. Check out the UAV-Coach Forum!

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Solar Bluetooth Speaker

SolarSound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Power Bank The ZeroLemon SolarSound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Power Bank is another great product by ZeroLemon. This is an excellent Bluetooth speaker but they didn't stop there. It also includes a 10000mAh...

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Altair AA108 Drone for Christmas I finally got the Drone I've been wanting for Christmas, the Altair AA108 Drone and I'm not disappointed. This Drone is fantastic! Altair Aerial did a great job with this Drone and they didn't stop there. They package the unit nicely...

Bargain FPV Wifi Drone!

I saw this great review on a mini wifi FPV drone for a bargain price and decided to give it a try. To see the review of the drone by RCSaylors go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30PORFGNPk0 If you aren't familiar with RCSaylors, I suggest you check out...

Unmanned Air Systems: UAV Design, Development and Deployment

Unmanned Aircraft Systems delivers a much needed introduction to UAV System technology, taking an integrated approach that avoids compartmentalising the subject. Arranged in four sections, parts 1-3 examine the way in which various engineering disciplines affect the...

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been widely adopted in the military world over the last decade and the success of these military applications is increasingly driving efforts to establish unmanned aircraft in non-military roles. Introduction to UAV Systems,...

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"This book is fast-paced and action-packed, with multiple interesting twists." - Valerie Thomas, author of Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs"UAV is reminiscent of a James Rollins adventure, and I found myself staying up with it into the night, until I finished it." -...

Drone University

This book makes it easy to design and build your own long or short range FPV autonomous drone. The book breaks down all the required and optional components into six easy to understand sub-systems; Airframe System, Radio Control / Autopilot System, Camera System,...