Here is an example email from my inbox that I spotted as phishing right off the bat. Refer to the tagged locations on the image below.

Tag 1: The from email address isn’t correct, in this it should be a USAA email address and it’s Comcast instead.

Tag 2: It supposedly links to login to USAA to confirm security info, hover over link and in Footer(bottom) of email you will see the actual link address. It shows an address for USAA in the printed link, but the actual link address shown by Tag 3 is totally different.

Tag 3: Look below the tag 3 and you will see the actual URL you will go to, if you click the link in the email, if you did click the link you will see a page that looks very much like the actual page (USAA in this example), but it is actually so you will enter your login info, so the individual phishing can get your security info and access your account.

ALWAYS pay close attention to emails to make sure you aren’t tricked. A good practice is even if you think it’s legitimate, type the actual site address into the address bar of your browser and login that way. If there is important info from the site, you will see it when you login.

Always, always use caution and be secure online. Make sure you have a good comprehensive security software on your computer and keep it updated. I recommend Internet Security, it is a very comprehensive and thorough security program that secures your computer with, Firewall, Antivirus, Anti-phishing, Anti-malware, Anti-Spam and more. It is top notch security that was rated 100% in recent security testing and rated higher than any other security program from AV Comparatives an independent security testing company.

Good security and good surfing technique, will keep you safe on the internet, so you can enjoy surfing without falling victim to the trouble makers that try and ruin it for you.

If you need help or want further info please feel free to contact me: Contact Me

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USAA phishing attempt