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ESET stops WannaCry ransomware

ESET security products detect and block this malware. Unlike other vendors, ESET’s proactive, multilayered solution not only blocks this ransomware, but can also stop it from spreading by blocking the utilized exploit (Eternal Blue). ESET Internet Security, featuring...

How to identify phishing emails:

Here is an example email from my inbox that I spotted as phishing right off the bat. Refer to the tagged locations on the image below. Tag 1: The from email address isn’t correct, in this it should be a USAA email address and it’s Comcast instead. Tag 2:...

Computer Security Breakdown.

Computer security can be confusing to the uninitiated. There is; Antivirus, Anti-malware, Anti-exploit, Anti-phishing & Anti-theft, to name the main areas of concern. I’ll provide a brief explanation for each one. Antivirus: is the one most people are...
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