Altair AA108 Drone for Christmas

I finally got the Drone I’ve been wanting for Christmas, the Altair AA108 Drone and I’m not disappointed. This Drone is fantastic! Altair Aerial did a great job with this Drone and they didn’t stop there. They package the unit nicely and one great feature they provide a really nice manual that is actually readable without having to scan and blow it They also include 2 batteries and an SD card for the Drone. The controller is a really nice unit that feels good in the hands and has decent gimbals. Plus the phone holder is built into the controller and retractable. The app they se is a very good app also.
When it comes to flying the Drone they include some good first start tips, plus on their site they have some very useful videos that guide you from the first start, to using headless more and pretty much covering all aspects to get you getting the most enjoyment from your Drone. The first flight was a great experience and the Drone was very easy to get used to and handled great! I have included a video from the first flight, excuse the slow start I started the recording sooner than I should as I was going over the setup and making sure I was ready to go. If you can identify the show I was watching by the Drone video I’ll give you a special award!
Overall this is a fantastic Drone and an excellent choice for the first Drone to get one started. If you are thinking of getting your first Drone or you know someone who us you can’t go wrong with this Drone. If you are already into Drones you will want to add this Drone to your fleet, as it’s a quality unit that is a joy to fly! Take a quick look at my short video and go to their site for more. Altair Aerial

I neglected to mention one very interesting and important bit of information. Altair Aerial is an American company in the heart of the country in Lincoln Nebraska. They build an excellent Drone and provide good old fashioned customer service! Visit their site and check them out! Altair Aerial


AA108 Drone powered on
AA108 Drone and controller